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         SeaMazing Produces More Nutritious... Tastier Vegetables

Here's The Exciting Story...

​Dear Friend,

When the devastating tsunami hit Indonesia on December 24, 2004, much of the agricultural land was flooded by sea water for a short period of time.

Because of this, agricultural experts said the land would be desolate and unable to be farmed for at least ten years because of the salt content of the sea water.

However, the following year, farmers... desperate to provide for their families and make a living... planted anyway. And something amazing happened that totally confounded the experts...

They Experienced Bumper Crops 

Never Seen In Their Lifetime!

In fact, one farmer, Mr. M. Yacob said, "The sea water turned out to be a great fertilizer... we are looking at yields twice as high as last year." Similar reports became common throughout the region.

Why were all the agricultural "experts" dead wrong about the effects of sea water? For the same reason "experts" and "professionals" in many fields are often wrong. They ignore any ideas or research that doesn't fit their agenda... or... are outside of conventional or traditional ways of thinking.

If they had taken the time to look into the remarkable phenomenon that happened in Indonesia, they very well may have discovered the all-but-forgotten research of Dr. Maynard Murray and the virtually unknown process he called...

Sea Energy Agriculture!

Dr. Murray was a biochemist, research scientist and medical doctor who developed this amazing technology after pondering a single question...

Why Does Man... God's Most Perfect Creation...

Fall Prey To Degenerative Disease?

Dr. Murray searched for answers to this question by studying various groups of centenarians (humans who regularly live beyond 100 years of age) throughout the world to determine why they lived so long.

Since he could not find any obvious differences, he began to examine more carefully the soils in the regions where these folks lived as well as the foods they ate. The importance of soil fertility became apparent early.

And after considerable study...

He concluded that the answer must be in the soil and the food these centenarians produced and consumed which came from the soil. As a scientist and someone who specialized in understanding the periodic table of elements, he wondered how many of the 90 or so water-soluble elements of the earth's crust remained in the soil and were available for plant growth and development.

He conducted analysis of all the soils and the produce grown from various agricultural regions and discovered large discrepancies in elemental mineral and vitamin content. He also studied the soils microbial activity and life.

Cancerous Tumors Are Rarely 

Found In Ocean Life!

soil fertility

"Seawater is the most ancient natural solution on earth, and in my opinion, it is the most ideal physiologically."
- Dr. Maynard Murray

As a result of discussions with other scientists, he then learned that cancer or cancerous tumors were very rarely found in ocean life forms. Knowing that the sea once covered all land masses, he directed his research to the study of sea life.

During the next several years, he traveled for months in fishing boats dissecting thousands of species from the seas and did not find any traces of cancer, heart disease, or other degenerative diseases. His research concluded that aging on a cellular level does not occur in sea life the same way it does in land life.

Dr. Murray then analyzed the mineral composition of seawater and found more than 90 water-soluble elements present in a perfectly proportional matrix. When an excessive amount of any element flows into the sea through erosion or run off, it precipitates out or drops to the sea floor to keep the proportional balance constant.

And because of this discovery, he determined that sea life lives and feeds in an environment...

Where Trace Elements Exist In 

Nature's Perfect Balance!

Dr. Murray discovered that our agricultural soils, and consequently the food grown in it, are seriously depleted of minerals through leaching, erosion and over-cropping. Current agricultural practices replace only 6 to 12 of the 40 elements considered critical for optimum plant growth and development.

Dr. Murray questioned if the 90+ elements he had found in sea water are essential. He knew that all individual cells in the human body are constantly replaced during the process of cell division. While cell division occurs, the cells are supplied with elements and nutrients provided by the food ingested. When critical elements are no longer present in our foods, they become nonexistent in our bodies. This makes normal cell replication difficult and could explain the cause of many degenerative conditions.

Therefore, Dr. Murray deduced that the only logical explanation for the frightening increases in cancer and other forms of chronic degenerative disease is the absence of a complete and balanced chemical physiology. Murray's solution...

​Make Foods More Nutritious!

methods to improve soil fertility

"A cubic foot of seawater sustains many times more
living organisms than
an equivalent of soil."

- Dr. Maynard Murray

Dr. Murray also theorized that the most efficient method to re-mineralize our precious soils (and just as importantly our foods) to their optimum mineral composition is to recycle the elements lost to the sea back into the land.

Thus, the technology of Sea Energy Agriculture was discovered.

Dr. Murray conducted extensive agricultural research trials during a 30-year period. All trials were focused on chemistry and biology of plant to animal nutrition. In his initial greenhouse experiments, he utilized the highest quality sea water collected by the U.S. Navy three miles off shore in the Atlantic Ocean. He poured small amounts of sea water on the soil and determined that the 3.5 percent mineral solids in sea water had...

An Amazing Effect On

Plant Growth And Development!

As Dr. Murray began planning large scale experiments and field trials, he realized that the cost of securing the amount of sea water necessary to provide the required mineral solids to adequately re-mineralize soil was economically cost prohibitive.

He searched the world for a natural source of pure sea mineral solids that are elementally exactly the same as the ocean water the U.S. Navy previously supplied. Fortunately, he discovered the perfect location in North America and started cultivating the remarkable "pure sea" mineral solids we now call SeaMazing Minerals.

SeaMazing sea mineral solids, created in this remote location, are unique in their mineral and trace element richness due to five major factors:

First: SeaMazing Minerals are created from a sea enriched with several million tons of top soil deposited into its delta by a powerful river.


"SeaMazing is the most complete mineral and
trace element product
ever offered for
self-reliance gardening."

Second: Mineral-rich Pacific Ocean water, with its full spectrum elements, is also blended into the complex to further add to the mineral balance.

Third: Rare earth elements are added to this sea water mix from geothermal vents along a fault line on the sea bottom.

Fourth:​ The location's climate has average temperatures exceeding 100°F and less than one-half an inch of annual rainfall guaranteeing quick solar dehydration and a complete mineral package since no elements are leached away.

Fifth: And most importantly, the area is extremely remote, insuring a pollution-free harvest of minerals.

These sea mineral solids (not sea water) were then utilized in Dr. Murray's amazing research as he discovered how to use soil amendments to increase soil fertility.

All Dr. Murray's experimental data and conclusions were based on the use of sea mineral solids as a soil supplement... and Seamazing Minerals come from the exact location where the research was based.

So, what does all this mean in terms of benefits to you?

The most important thing about gardening with sea minerals is the ability to grow full spectrum, "Back to Eden" fruits and vegetables in your backyard. Dr. Murray believed with all his heart that poor quality, low or no spectrum food was at the heart of degenerating health. You can use SeaMazing Minerals to grow the kinds of nutritionally dense foods you could never buy in a store.

Second, the taste of SeaMazing supplemented fruits and vegetables is simply beyond imagination, especially if you are using heirloom varieties. It's my belief that trace minerals are the code that actually "unlocks" exceptional taste.

natural factors affecting soil fertility

It's easy to grow sweet-tasting giants with SeaMazing!"

And, if you're gardening for self-reliance... here's great news: You'll also maximize garden production, as well as increase shelf life of all the produce you decide to "put up" for the rest of the year.

Some folks even report reduced losses due to frost, drought, insect and disease. I think this is because the plant is just plain stronger and healthier from the full spectrum feeding.

If you are a farmer or gardener, you can utilize SeaMazing Minerals to reduce operating costs by using less fertilizer, harmful pesticides, insecticides and fungicides.

And this is really important: Livestock that are fed nutrient-dense crops and pasture seem to mature to their full weight and size in a lot less time and with a lot less feed. Many farmers report greatly improved health in their livestock and fewer abnormalities.

Frequently Asked Questions About
 SeaMazing Minerals

Q. What are SeaMazing Minerals and how are they produced?

A. SeaMazing marine mineral solids are natural crystals produced through the solar dehydration of H20 from sea water trapped in retention ponds. SeaMazing Minerals differ from all other sea minerals currently on the market because they're created from a place where the sea is considered to be one of the most mineral-rich on earth, in an arid environment where annual medium temperatures continually exceed 100° F, and with an annual rainfall of less than 0.5 inches.

SeaMazing is not mined from the remnants of an ancient, dried sea bottom where contaminating leaching inevitably occurs and decreases the number of minerals and trace elements. SeaMazing is produced multiple times each year from fresh sea water that naturally floods our estuary.

Q. What are some of the various ways I can use and benefit from SeaMazing Minerals?

A. You can:

  • Grow nutrient-dense forage and crops for livestock and poultry
  • Mix with diatomaceous earth to create natural livestock remedies
  • Apply as a foliar spray to re-mineralize any "self-reliance" garden
  • Dissolve and incorporate into liquid row support and drip irrigation
  • Add to your compost and compost tea to increase biological activity

Along with your order of SeaMazing, you'll receive a bonus application rates and usage report that details the various ways SeaMazing can be utilized for livestock, poultry, soil remineralization, pasture hay and all crops.

Q. What is the cost difference between SeaMazing Minerals and other sea water products currently offered to growers?

A. There are several companies that sell ocean or sea water products to farmers and hydroponic growers for fertilizer and foliar application for as much as $80 per gallon with instructions to dilute to 1/100 prior to application.

By dissolving a teaspoon of SeaMazing in one gallon of water... a full spectrum water supplement is recreated for pennies.

Our product, SeaMazing, contains all the minerals and trace elements found in the sea in a naturally dehydrated, water-soluble crystal form. The cost of applying SeaMazing Minerals in a foliar solution at a rate of five pounds per acre is one-fifth to one-tenth the cost of competitive products.

Dr. Murray chose to utilize sea mineral solids rather than ocean water in his large scale farm experiments due to the high cost of transporting ocean water. Ocean water contains 3 percent mineral solids and 97 percent water.

Q. Are ocean sea water products better than SeaMazing Minerals biologically?

A. Some ocean sea water companies claim SeaMazing Minerals are inferior due to the heat generated during solar dehydration. Marine biologists have found that common ocean algae are regenerated and become live when SeaMazing is dissolved in water. Therefore, it appears that SeaMazing and pure ocean water are biologically the same.

Q. SeaMazing Minerals are created from coastal water. Is the product pollution free?

A. SeaMazing Minerals not only guarantees it is pollution free but provides university lab studies to back it up.

Q. What is the difference between SeaMazing Minerals and other livestock mineral salts that claim to originate from the sea?

soil amendments

"SeaMazing is created in a desert estuary many miles from civilization."

A. Several companies sell mineral salts for animal consumption and call their product sea salt. However, their source is either an ancient deposit buried beneath the earth's surface or a sea coast area where heavy rainfall is common. SeaMazing is produced in an area with no rainfall.

Ancient sea salt buried beneath the earth's surface has been subjected to leaching by ground water which reduces elemental composition and increases the potential for contamination. Sea salt produced in coastal areas where rainfall occurs is also leached of minerals and trace elements. Once leaching occurs, minerals and trace elements are not perfectly balanced (high in Iron and other metals) and are significantly reduced in number (52 in the competition vs. 90+ in SeaMazing). There also appears to be a higher quantity of un-dissolvable solids per 50 pounds (12 lbs. from the competition vs. 1 lb. from SeaMazing) in many other sea salt mineral products.

The mineral and trace element balance, ratios, and content of SeaMazing is essentially the same as the sea water from which it is created. No minerals or trace elements are leached away, therefore, SeaMazing Minerals are the only true sea mineral salt available for livestock.

Q. Is SeaMazing exactly the same as Dr. Murray's Sea Solids?

A. Yes, in 1979, Dr. Murray disclosed the location of the mineral deposits to the current owners of the property.

The mineral composition of the seawater that produces SeaMazing Minerals has not changed in the past 50 years and there is no industry or pollution present, so we feel confident that SeaMazing is exactly the same as what Dr. Murray used in his experiments.

Q. How much SeaMazing should I apply to my garden, cropland or pasture?

A. Again, along with your order of SeaMazing Minerals, you'll receive a bonus application rates and usage report that details the various ways SeaMazing can be utilized for livestock, poultry, soil remineralization, pasture, hay and all crops.

Q. Why are the trace elements contained in SeaMazing Minerals so important?

A. Trace elements, usually less than one-tenth of one percent, exert powerful influences far beyond their quantity. Scientific understanding of the role of trace elements in plant and human physiology is new and emerged slowly during the last century. It is known that 16 trace elements have critical biological functions, but many more are suspected to play a role in cellular function and molecular design.

what makes the soil fertile

"SeaMazing is an all-natural way to grow great-tasting vegetables."

Q. Why doesn't the salt or sodium chloride in SeaMazing Minerals harm the soil and crops?

A. As a result of extensive research, Dr. Murray discovered that soil microbiological activity and plant growth and development are enhanced when the concentration of sodium chloride in seawater derived from SeaMazing is applied at specific rates and in specific dilutions as a foliar spray and in hydroponic solutions.

Q. How does SeaMazing Minerals differ from common salt?

A. Common table salt consists of pure white crystals of highly refined 97-99 percent sodium chloride. SeaMazing is dehydrated seawater in its purest state containing 82-85 percent sodium chloride. It is not a single metal salt but a mixture of 90+ elements in the sea's perfect proportions. The lightest elements (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium) are totally balanced with the trace elements (copper, chromium, zinc, manganese, selenium, cobalt, molybdenum, et al).

Q. How does SeaMazing Minerals differ from rock powders?

A. All mineral salts originate in rock. However, a rock powder that contains the full spectrum of elements found in the sea does not exist. John Hamaker, who conducted extensive research with rock powders, stated that 20 percent of any rock powder application should be sea solid minerals.

SeaMazing Minerals, as dehydrated sea water, is water-soluble in the soil matrix. As a result, all nutrients available in mineral-rich sea water are immediately available to soil life, and plants' microbial populations rapidly expand by feasting on SeaMazing Minerals.

Over time, the microbes then break down the rock powder, making their minerals and trace elements available for up to 10 years. Also, because it is water-soluble, SeaMazing can be dissolved and utilized as a foliar spray while rock powders cannot be.

Q. Can SeaMazing be used in hydroponics production?

A. Yes, ground-breaking hydroponics formulas were created under Dr. Murray's guidance utilizing both seawater and SeaMazing Minerals. Your bonus report contains these hydroponics formulas.

Q. Was Dr. Murray awarded patents for his research?

A. Yes. Two of them:



Q. Is SeaMazing always consistent in appearance?

A. No, SeaMazing is pure dehydrated seawater created naturally in a desert estuary by tidal movements. Therefore, color variations occur based on the speed of currents and tides moving the water and wind conditions. The color of SeaMazing varies from off-white to various shades of beige... and... at times, contains small amounts of wind-carried sediment.

Q. Why does SeaMazing appear to act as a pesticide and fungicide when used as a foliar spray?

soil fertility and productivity

"SeaMazing Minerals
ready for harvest

A. First of all, it's not a pesticide and it's not a fungicide. However, in our world, insects and diseases play important roles. They are attracted to weak and sick organisms and destroy them. The weak and sick are killed off and the healthy and strong are left to reproduce, thereby improving the gene pool.

When SeaMazing is applied as a foliar spray to a plant's leaf surface and/or incorporated into the soil, the plant metabolizes many of the 90-plus minerals and trace elements into its sap or fluid. Once these minerals and trace elements are incorporated into the plant's chemistry, the plant becomes healthier and its sap or fluid becomes infinitely more complex.

Insects and fungal diseases, due to their simple physiology, cannot digest this complex mixture. Therefore, they leave these plants alone and attack and destroy the weaker plants without the complex chemistry. This could explain why plants that exhibit a higher Brix (sugar content) reading are less prone to insect and disease problems.

Q. Has the sea water used to create SeaMazing been polluted by the Deep Horizon Oil Spill?

A. No, SeaMazingMinerals remains pollution free. It is not created from the Gulf of Mexico sea water. Currently, the sea that provides the sea water for SeaMazing does not contain any oil rigs, and no exploration for oil or natural gas is planned, nor has exploration ever been conducted.

Q. Does warm water help dissolve SeaMazing, and if so, what is the maximum temperature that should be used?

A. Warm water can help speed up the process, but be aware that water will only hold a certain amount of mineral in suspension. If you have very soft water, more will dissolve than in hard water. Agitation also helps when dissolving larger amounts. The larger crystals that you might find are also slower to dissolve. Use only cool or tepid water because SeaMazing contains ocean biological micro-organisms that could be harmed by very hot or boiling water.

Q. Are SeaMazing Minerals harmful to horses, what is the suggested application rate, and does temperature make a difference?

A. SeaMazing Minerals can be sprayed on pasture and fed to horses as a mineral salt. Since SeaMazing is a totally natural and safe supplement, it can be applied while horses are in the pasture. We suggest five pounds per acre foliar applied every six weeks throughout the growing season, and apply from dawn until temperatures reach 80° F. Also, SeaMazing needs to be on the plant one hour prior to rain.

soil amendments vs fertilizer

"Livestock thrives on pasture treated with SeaMazing Minerals."

Q. How is the SeaMazing Mineral supplement utilized in the production of nutritionally dense foods for the self-reliant, sustainable agriculture community?

A. SeaMazing is a bio-stimulant and provides over 90 minerals and trace elements. As a fertilizer in the soil, it re-mineralizes the earth and feeds the microbial populations. As a foliar fertilizer, it re-mineralizes the growing plant and feeds the micro-organisms on the soil surface as well as within the plant tissue. SeaMazing Minerals can increase plant vitality and production.

Q. What are the application rates and instructions for lawn care?

A. Use one pound SeaMazing Minerals to one gallon water and stir until the crystals are 98 percent dissolved. Normally you will always find a few white crystals along with some rock powder remaining in the bucket. Pour the liquid into your receptacle and set the dial for one teaspoon per gallon. Spray your lawn every 21 days.

Q. Can SeaMazing be mixed with ProtoGrow?

A. Yes. ProtoGrow is an all-natural fertilizer that contains kelp and liquefied fish from the North Atlantic Sea. For additional NPK, we suggest mixing in ProtoGrow.

Q. What is the shelf life of the SeaMazing Mineral Supplement?

A. Infinite when stored covered and protected from moisture.

Q. Can SeaMazing be used with Miracle Grow?

A. Yes, mix one teaspoon per gallon of Miracle Grow Fertilizer mix.

Q. How can I get started using SeaMazing Minerals?

A. Easy. SeaMazing Minerals comes in three different sizes. Complete ordering instructions along with what you will receive are below.

​SeaMazing Is Now Garlic Infused!

​Our new version of SeaMazing is now garlic infused. While it costs more money to produce... we are keeping the price the same. That's good news. Here are some of the many benefits:

All Natural Pest Control!

Using garlic infused SeaMazing is one of the best and most non-toxic ways to keep those nibbling pests out of your garden. ​ ​

​Using this product in your garden as well as around fruit trees reduces pests and diseases. It repels borers, weevils, and fruit flies and protects apple trees from apple scab and peach trees from leaf curls. 

​Guaranteed to deter many pests... both large and small. Here are just a few we've seen work in actual field tests:

Flies and Gnats


​Spider mites

​Carrot root fly

Japanese beetles

​Yellow mealworm larvae

​Spined soldier bugs

​Gall midges

​Cabbage fly

​Green peach aphids

​Potato whiteflies (Bemisia tabaci),

​Apple ermine moths (Yponomeuta malinellus)

​Pine processionary moths (Thaumetopoea pityocampa)








​Elk ​

(I'm experimenting with groundhogs in my orchard right now)

Hate snakes in your garden? This stuff works great for keeping snakes a long ways away!

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